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Bette Davis Seeking to Avoid “Insane” Scene

June 29, 1964 - Three district court of appeals judges assumed some of the duties of drama critics today when they were asked to rule on an appeal by Bette Davis (right with Mike Connors), who seeks to avoid making a new movie scene in which she plays a woman going insane in 90 seconds.

The court took Miss Davis’s petition under submission, which meant further delay on enforcement of an order won by Paramount Studios regarding the film, “Where Love Has Gone.” The studio demanded that Miss Davis make one more scene or be prevented from appearing in any other movie. Miss Davis refused, saying the insanity scene was out of character for the role.

Judge Parker Woods, in taking the case under submission, said he regarded it as a “practical matter” that could have been solved by lawyers without “complicated litigation,” which now has spread over three weeks.

A court official indicated a decision might come within 10 days.

The makers of “Hush…Hush, Sweet Charlotte” argued against further delay because Miss Davis is co-star of that film with Joan Crawford. Miss Crawford re-entered a hospital today for treatment of a respiratory ailment.

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