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Berserk N.J. Factory Worker Surrenders

July 6, 1963 - A 36-year-old fugitive surrendered without a struggle in Newark early today, 10 hours after he had killed 2 persons, wounded 3 others, then seized Mary Kaminski, an 18-year-old girl, as a hostage. Those slain shortly after 5 p.m. yesterday were the wife and sister-in-law of the fugitive, Richard Coleman of Linden, N.J. The slayer invaded the home of the girl and her family, who were strangers to him, after the shootings. At 3:30 a.m. today, Coleman stepped from a stolen car, hands held high, at a roadblock on Route 1 near Newark Airport, and was arrested. At the Linden police station, the prisoner was charged with the murder of his wife. Other charges were expected to follow. The policeman who arrested Coleman said the fugitive had a .25-caliber pistol in his pocket and a loaded .38-caliber pistol on the seat of his car. “We were expecting to shoot it out,” said Patrolman Nick Nardone, 28. “We were relieved he gave up without a fight.” “I’m sorry about the whole mess,” said Mr. Coleman after he was arrested. “I know I was wrong. I’m in a pack of trouble.” Miss Kaminski had been repeatedly pistol-whipped during the ordeal. After having her head wounds treated at Elizabeth General Hospital, she came to Linden police headquarters and positively identified Mr. Coleman as her abductor. At the stationhouse, Mr. Coleman tried to hold his head down, but Miss Kaminski said: “You think I don’t know you?” Mary’s sister Anna, 20, also came to the stationhouse, and shouted at the prisoner: “You pig! You ought to be ashamed of yourself!”


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