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Beatles Set to Appear Thrice in February on Ed Sullivan Show

Feb. 3, 1964 - If the American television audience does not know what to make of the Beatles after their first television appearance here Sunday evening, it will have two more chances to observe and analyze the British rock ’n’ roll group. CBS said today that “The Ed Sullivan Show,” which initially scheduled the group for two appearances, now had arranged a total of three on successive Sundays. The four young performers — John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr — will arrive in New York from London on Friday.

CBS said it had received more than 50,000 requests for tickets to the studio where the Beatles will perform. The studio accommodates 1,500 persons. The Sullivan show this Sunday will originate in Studio 50 on Broadway near 53rd Street. The following Sunday, the Beatles will accompany Mr. Sullivan to Miami Beach for a performance in the Deauville Hotel. Their third appearance will be presented from tape, to be recorded in New York this weekend. The Beatles are also scheduled for two performances in Carnegie Hall on Feb. 12.


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