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Bears’ Ronnie Bull is NFL Rookie of the Year

Dec. 12, 1962 - Ronnie Bull (#29), the Chicago Bears’ fine running halfback from Baylor, was named NFL Rookie of the Year. Bull, the Bears’ No. 1 draft choice a year ago after leading Baylor in passing, running, and receiving for three straight seasons, started his pro career working on defense. After a succession of injuries crippled the Bears, Bull moved to offense. Although Bull carried the ball only 9 times for 26 yards and did not catch a pass in the Bears’ first 3 games, the figures through last Sunday’s 13th game show 372 yards in 103 carries for a 3.6-yard average and 29 passes for 324 yards. He also has returned 9 kickoffs for 235 yards. The Los Angeles Rams’ Merlin Olsen, the 6-feet-5-inch, 265-pound tackle from Utah State, came in second in the voting.


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