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Baseball’s New Clubs Pick First Players

Oct. 10, 1961 - At a combined cost of $3,650,000, the New York Mets and the Houston Colts today fished 45 players out of the 136-player pool made available to them by the 8 established National League clubs. The players they picked provide the Mets and Colts with basic rosters from which to start organizing teams. New York and Houston will become playing members of the National League next season. That will make the National a ten-team league. The first player named by George Weiss, the president of the Mets, was Hobie Landrith (pictured with his son Gary and Mets manager Casey Stengel), a left-handed-hitting catcher from the Giants. The Colts selected Ed Bressoud first, a shortstop, also from the Giants.


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