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[AUDIO] Feb. 1, 1964 | LBJ Press Conference (War on Poverty)

Feb. 1, 1964 - Sargent Shriver has been chosen by President Johnson to organize and direct the Administration’s anti-poverty program. The President announced at his news conference today that Mr. Shriver would undertake the role in addition to his duties as director of the Peace Corps. Mr. Shriver, the 48-year-old brother-in-law of President Kennedy, had a 45-minute conference with Mr. Johnson yesterday to discuss his recent trip abroad and the progress of the Peace Corps. It was understood that the “war against poverty,” as President Johnson describes the new program soon to be disclosed, was also a major topic at the White House meeting. In his new role, Mr. Shriver will have the title of Special Assistant to the President in charge of the program’s “organization and administration.”


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