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Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy Speaks on Civil Rights

May 25, 1962 - Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy received two awards in New York City yesterday. In the afternoon, he was given the fourth annual Labor Award of the Samuel Gompers Vocational and Technical High School in the Bronx and inducted into the Gompers Labor Hall of Fame. At the presentation ceremony in the school auditorium, Mr. Kennedy said that in his recent world tour the major interest of students he met was in civil rights in this country. He asserted that under the present Administration, Negro opportunities in Government employment had increased sharply. “We still have far to go, and much is to be done,” he added. “We could not hold our place in the world if we treated a portion of our people as inferior.” In the evening, he shared with Mrs. Ethel Kennedy the Humanitarian Award of the Association for the Help of Retarded Children. The presentation was made at a $100-a-plate fundraising dinner of the association at the Astor Hotel.


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