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Atom Bomb Dropped on Hiroshima 16 Years Ago Today

Aug. 6, 1961 - Just before dawn today, the priests and the people of Hiroshima (pictured in August, 1945) gathered to pray before the green mound where the unknown victims of the first atomic bomb are buried. This is the 16th time that this city has observed the memory that never really leaves its consciousness - the memory of 8:15 a.m. on Aug. 6, 1945, when the "light of a thousand suns" flashed over the city and reduced it to poisonous ash. Hiroshima has been rebuilt almost completely and there is not much left that was standing when the Enola Gay, a U.S. B-29, flew over and dropped the atomic bomb that gave Hiroshima its terrible place in history. One bit of wreckage still remains - the crumpled dome and shell of a building. Today it is surrounded by souvenir shops.


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