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🚨Assassination Attempt Made on Former Maj. Edwin Walker

🚨Apr. 11, 1963 - Former Major General Edwin A. Walker was the victim of an attempted rifle assassination at about 9 p.m. last night while he sat at a desk before a window of his home. Walker, a controversial figure before and since leaving the Army, said he was working on his income tax report when a rifle bullet slammed through the window. The police later said it was probably a slight movement by Mr. Walker that had saved him. “Somebody had a perfect bead on him,” Detective Ira Van Cleave said. “Whoever it was was certainly out to kill him.” The bullet, from a 30.06 rifle, was fired from an alley behind the Walker home. Asked if he had any idea who shot at him, the Walker replied: “There are plenty of people on the other side. You don’t have to go overseas to earn a Purple Heart. I’ve been saying the front was right here at home.” “When I saw the hole in the wall,” he added, “I went upstairs and got my gun, then went outside to take a look. I didn’t see anybody, so I went back in the house and notified the police.” Asked if he was taking precautions at the house, he said, “I’m doing the same thing I was before it happened, sitting at the same desk, working on my income tax.”


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