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Artworks Collected by Governor Rockefeller's Son En Route to New York

Jan. 30, 1962 - Objects of primitive art collected by Michael Rockefeller (pictured center) before he was lost off the southern coast of New Guinea are en route to New York for exhibition. The collection consists of about 400 items — spears, shields, drums, spirit masks, paddles, and bowls. All the pieces are intricately carved wood. Dr. Rene Wassing, the Dutch anthropologist who was the last man to see the 23-year-old son of New York’s Governor Rockefeller alive, said he considered the quality of the jungle collection very high. Mr. Rockefeller and Dr. Wassing had been out on an expedition in the south of Dutch New Guinea when their native boat capsized in the mouth of the Eilanden River Nov. 18. Dr. Wassing clung to the overturned craft and was rescued. Mr. Rockefeller set out swimming for shore and was never seen again.


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