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Army Tackles Staubach in Effigy

Nov. 29, 1962 - Army’s football squad left tonight for its traditional clash with Navy after an unusual ceremony. In the final practice session at Michie Stadium this afternoon, 13 seniors were called upon individually to tackle Roger Staubach (#12) of Navy in effigy. Each dashed through a lane of cheering cadets to smash a dummy wearing Navy blue and the number 12 of the midshipmen’s ace quarterback. Coach Paul Dietzel, who introduced the idea, said he hoped it would become part of Army tradition. “I had my seniors do this at the close of practice every season when I was at Louisiana State, and I intend to do it here every year, too,” he explained. “When these seniors are 50 years old, they can look back to a picture of themselves making this tackle and tell their grandchildren about it.” Photographers were on hand to record the scene, and Maj. Gen. William C. Westmoreland, superintendent of the academy, and Brig. Gen. Richard G. Stilwell, commandant of cadets, were among the enthusiastic spectators.


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