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Armstrong One of Nine New Astronauts Picked by NASA

Sept. 14, 1962 - Neil Armstrong, a 31-year-old civilian who has been flying X-15 research planes, was reported today to be one of 9 new astronauts picked by NASA. Mr. Armstrong, as a space-agency employee, has taken the stub-winged X-15 to speeds of 4,000 miles per hour and altitudes of 40 miles. The new pool of space pilots will be “candidates” — officials stress the word — for flights in two-man Gemini and three-man Apollo capsules. The Apollo craft are scheduled to land on the first American expedition on the moon, perhaps as early as 1967. The names of all nine astronauts are to be made public Monday by NASA. The announcement will be made in Houston, headquarters of the agency’s Manned Space Flight Center. All nine pilots are expected to be on hand.


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