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Anti-Semitic Violence Flares in Argentina

June 25, 1962 - An anti-Semitic attack on a girl university student was denounced today by the Argentine-Israeli Association, which urged President José Maria Guido (pictured) to act to stop an outbreak of anti-Semitic incidents. The police said three men seized the girl last week and slashed a swastika on her chest. One of the three was quoted as having said: “This is revenge. You Jews are responsible for Eichmann’s death.” Adolf Eichmann was abducted from Argentina two years ago by agents who took him to Israel for trial on charges of having directed the murder of millions of Jews when he was a Nazi official. Eichmann was hanged earlier this month. Argentina’s Government repudiated today the attack on the student and promised to repress such outrages with the full force of the law.


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