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Anthony Quinn Extends Recognition to Illegitimate Child

June 14, 1963 - American movie actor Anthony Quinn said today he is the father of a love child born to a beautiful Italian girl, and he will recognize the baby boy as legally his so the child “never will feel unwanted.” Quinn arrived in Paris from Rome today to work in a film. Hours before, a magazine in Milan had reported the child was born three months ago and baptized under the name Francesco Daniele. The mother is Jolanda Addolori, 28, a blond from a noble Venetian family. Quinn is married but is often separated by his work from Katherine DeMille, daughter of the late film director Cecil B. DeMille. They have four children, ages 10 to 22. Quinn explained he decided to welcome Jolanda’s child as his because “it is my responsibility.” “I cannot deny him,” he said. “I want him to feel loved and wanted. I don’t want him to grow up feeling a sense of rejection. I grew up without my father the first few years, and I know what complexes grew from it. I don’t want him to have to go to a psychiatrist at the age of 41 because he wasn’t wanted.” Quinn said Miss Addolori and the child are in Paris. He met her during the “one-and-a-half years I was away from my wife and living in Europe. I think it’s admirable of the young lady to go through with this.” Quinn’s wife is in New York. “I don’t know what she has decided to do. She’s kind of hurt about this, and I understand her hurt. I’m afraid everybody will have to understand. It will be difficult for my four other children to accept. But my responsibility is to my new son.”


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