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Another Attempt To Assassinate De Gaulle Is Foiled

May 21, 1962 - A plot to assassinate President de Gaulle (pictured) of France was reported today to have been foiled by the police. Police sources said two men and a woman, sent from Algeria by the Right-Wing Secret Army Organization (OAS) to kill President de Gaulle, had been arrested. About 15 others belonging to an OAS underground network were also arrested. The OAS has been trying to block the Algerian peace accords and destroy the regime in France by terror and by inciting the violent opposition of the Europeans of Algeria. Last Sept. 10, the organization tried to kill General de Gaulle by setting off a heavy explosive charge beside a road on which the President was traveling in his car from Paris to his country home. Since the attempt on his life last fall, security precautions for the President have been tight. The tactics used by the OAS have included assassinations, attacks by bombs against private homes and public buildings, and indiscriminate armed attacks on Moslems.


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