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Angels Pitcher Engaged to Mamie Van Doren

Apr. 1, 1963 - Bo Belinsky, 26-year-old southpaw pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels, said today he and buxom starlet Mamie Van Doren are engaged, but no wedding date has been set. “I like her a lot,” said Bo. “In fact, I’m mad about the girl. She’s my kind of woman. But things are too unstable right now to think of a wedding date.” Belinsky indicated the instability was closely associated with the fine imposed by manager Bill Rigney when the pitcher reported 2-and-a-half hours late for Saturday’s exhibition game against Houston. In Hollywood, 29-year-old Mamie sounded slightly irritated at the unconventional announcement. “He announced it?” she said. “We were supposed to make a joint announcement when he got back to Los Angeles for the series with the Dodgers this weekend.” Miss Van Doren and bandleader Ray Anthony were married in Toledo, Ohio, in August 1955, but the union ended in divorce court in 1960. They have a seven-year-old son, Perry. The actress had a brief marriage before that when she was 16. Belinsky has never been married.


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