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An Evening of Wrestling at Madison Square Garden

May 17, 1963 - A crowd of 19,639 persons, some of whom stood, paid $58,966 for an interesting evening at Madison Square Garden last night. Among their pleasures were:

1. Seeing 264-pound Bruno Sammartino (left) defeat 245-pound Buddy (Nature Boy) Rogers (right) in 48 seconds of the feature wrestling match with a bear hug and a backbreaker.

2. Watching the Fabulous Kangaroos beat Pete Sanchez and Vittorio Apollo — in very nasty manner.

3. Looking on as Bobo Brazil and Dory Dixon fought to a draw with Skull Murphy and Brute Bernard in a match ended by the 11 p.m. curfew.

4. In other matches, the Great Mortimer pinned The Great Scott; Pedro Morales pinned Willie Bath; Handsome Johnny Barend pinned Timmy Wood; Irish Pat Barrett pinned Godo Chihuahua; and the Magnificent Maurice pinned Karl Steif. A good time was had by all.


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