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Alvin Dark Rests Three Top N.L. Pitchers

July 9, 1963 - One of the most striking aspects of today’s All-Star Game was the nonparticipation of three star pitchers — Warren Spahn, Sandy Koufax, and Juan Marichal. “I had my mind made up,” said Alvin Dark, the National League manager, “that I wouldn’t use Spahn, Koufax, or Marichal if I could possibly avoid it. All had pitched tough games on Sunday, and it would be unfair to risk any sort of strain on such great pitchers.” In the eighth inning, Koufax warmed up in the bullpen, and in the ninth, Marichal warmed up. “They were warming up on their own,” said Dark. At that point, Don Drysdale was on the mound nailing down the victory. “It sure was comforting to have a guy like Drysdale to mop up for you,” Dark remarked. “It always feels great to win, no matter what, no matter where.” Asked about the three stolen bases, all of which led to runs, Dark said both Mays and Bill White, who accomplished the base thefts, were running on their own. “Willie always runs on his own,” said Dark, “but in a regular game I prefer for him to wait for the hitters behind him. Late in a game, that’s different.” A toe injury suffered by Mays in the eighth while catching a fly ball did not bother Dark. Mays had limped away from the fence. “When I see Willie limp,” said Dark, “I know he’s okay. If he really gets hurt, he never wants anyone to know about it.”


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