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Alston Blows Up at New York Post Reporter

Mar. 17, 1964 - Walter Alston (pictured), normally soft-spoken and mild-mannered, nearly came to blows with a New York sportswriter in St. Petersburg, Fla., today before an exhibition game between the Dodgers and the Mets.

What triggered the outburst by Alston was his confrontation in the dugout with Maury Allen of the New York Post, who last season wrote a story considered uncomplimentary about the Dodger manager. It was the first time Alston had encountered the writer since the story was printed.

When Allen approached Alston in the dugout, the Dodger skipper called him several inflammatory names, told him “it was the worst article ever written about me,” and then invited Allen to punch him.

Allen remained silent but accepted Alston’s invitation to go to the clubhouse, where Alston again told him off in blistering language and again dared Allen to take a swing at him. Almost immediately, traveling secretary Lee Scott intervened and broke it up.

The source of Alston’s discontent was a story containing quotes by infielder Don Zimmer and pitcher Ed Roebuck, each of whom had since been traded by the Dodgers.

A Dodger spokesman said the comments by Zimmer and Roebuck about Alston were “vitriolic.” “To my knowledge,” the spokesman said, “the writer had never met Alston before writing the story. But Walt isn’t one to forget any blatant remarks about him, whether two weeks or several months have gone by.”

Upon being traded to the Senators last July, Roebuck said, “I think the Dodgers will win the pennant this year in spite of Walter Alston.”

A day later, Zimmer supported Roebuck in his criticism of Alston, stating: “In many respects, [Washington manager] Gil Hodges already is a better manager than Alston. Roebuck lost a couple of close games, and suddenly Alston forgot he was around. That’s nothing new with Alston. He had done this before. He just ignores a guy and doesn’t even talk to him.”

Dodgers Don Drysdale and Wally Moon defended Alston at that time.

After Alston’s outburst today, reporter Allen commented: “Me, punch Alston? I’m no hero.”


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