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Alfred Hitchcock Casts Tippie Hedren in “Marnie”

Nov. 30, 1963 - Alfred Hitchcock, who appears to be concentrating on ladies in quandaries, especially Tippi Hedren, the blonde model he introduced in “The Birds,” intends to continue their partnership. Last week, the master of suspense began focusing his cameras on Miss Hedren in the title role of “Marnie,” from the Winston Graham novel about a young woman whose beauty belies her nefarious pursuits. Reached at the Universal studio in Hollywood, Mr. Hitchcock revealed that he had also acquired another property, Sir James M. Barrie’s play “Mary Rose,” as a vehicle to follow “Marnie” on Miss Hedren’s schedule. “It’s a sentimental ghost story set in a haunted English manor house and on an island in the Outer Hebrides. I’ve cased the island Barrie had in mind, and we hope to shoot part of it there.” Filming should start early in March.


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