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Albert Finney To Leave Broadway Play “Luther”

Nov. 27, 1963 - Albert Finney (pictured), who stars in the Broadway play “Luther” by John Osborne, will leave at the end of his contract on January 11. Mr. Finney, who received critical applause for his portrayal of the Protestant reformer, made his debut in the drama on September 25 at the St. James Theatre. Before opening there, he had already established himself with his starring film role in “Saturday Night and Sunday Morning.” Early last month, he scored again with his performance in the motion picture “Tom Jones.” Mr. Finney said today he had played the difficult part for nine months in London before it opened on Broadway, and he needed a long vacation. He did not know what his next stint might be. The next tenant at the St. James will be the musical “Hello, Dolly,” starring Carol Channing.


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