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Albany, Georgia Shuts Facilities Rather Than Integrate

Aug. 11, 1962 - The city of Albany, Ga., shut down its three public parks and two public libraries today after small groups of Negroes and whites sought to desegregate them. Police Chief Laurie Pritchett (left) said he was ordering the parks and libraries “closed indefinitely in the interest of public safety.” The Albany Movement sent small, racially mixed groups to two parks and one library this morning to “test” statements made in court yesterday by City Attorney H.G. Rawls that local segregation ordinances were not being enforced. One group entered the white Albany Carnegie Library, and two other groups briefly used the tennis courts at the white Tift Park and at the Negro Carver Park. There were no incidents and no arrests. However, shortly after the groups arrived, Chief Pritchett told them to leave. Mr. Pritchett then shut down the facilities. He also closed the white Tallulah Massey Park and the Negro Monroe Branch Library.


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