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AFL’s Titans in Financial Trouble

Nov. 9, 1962 - Milt Woodard, the assistant commissioner of the American Football League, said today the league had loaned the New York Titans enough money to meet the player payroll through tomorrow’s game with the Dallas Texans. He said the loan was “in the area of $40,000.” Woodard also said the AFL expected that the franchise owned by Harry Wismer would be sold within a week. Wismer, who has lost considerable money trying to compete with the New York Giants of the NFL, is asking $2.5 million for the franchise. He says he has already lost $1.75 million on it. The Titans have a lease to play next season in the new Flushing Meadow stadium in Queens that will be the home of the New York Mets. Coach Bulldog Turner of the Titans said the uncertain situation has had a “bad effect on the club, and we had very spotty practices all week.”


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