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AFL Commissioner Talks “World Series” of Football

Dec. 13, 1963 - Commissioner Joe Foss of the American Football League says the NFL has refused to meet the AFL in a world championship game because it is worried about “giving us prestige.” “I don’t think the NFL is worried about losing to us, but rather is concerned about giving us prestige at this point,” Foss said. But whether they like it or not, eventually the “World Series” of pro football will be played, he predicted. “The fans and players are eventually going to force the issue, and I’m confident the World Series will come about. It means a lot to both leagues for future revenue and prestige. There is no real competition between the two leagues except for the signing of players. A game between the two leagues would bolster the prestige of professional football as a whole.” Foss said the AFL has helped the NFL in many ways. “The NFL learned a lesson from us with our television contract. The way they had theirs set up before, the smaller cities in the league suffered. When we came along, we formed a new idea in television contracts. It worked so well, they picked it up,” Foss remarked.


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