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Actress Sue Lyon To Marry Hampton Fancher III

Dec. 4, 1963 - Sue Lyon, the teenage actress remembered by moviegoers for her debut as “Lolita,” will become the bride of actor Hampton Fancher III Dec. 22, she announced today in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Miss Lyon, 17 years old, is on location for “Night of the Iguana” in the Mexican resort, and Mr. Fancher was a daily visitor until producer Ray Stark barred him from the set over her angry protests. Mr. Fancher flew back to Hollywood today. Asked about the ouster of Miss Lyon’s bridegroom-to-be, Mr. Stark growled: “I don’t know what this guy does, but he was bossing everyone around. We barred him because he was trying to tell John Huston how to direct.” Miss Lyon flared: “Mr. Stark said Hampton doesn’t have a role in the picture, and he made everyone nervous. Well, Elizabeth Taylor doesn’t have a role, and she makes me nervous. How come she isn’t barred?” Miss Taylor, estranged wife of singer Eddie Fisher, has been a guest of actor Richard Burton, who is working in “Iguana” with Ava Gardner and Deborah Kerr. The 25-year-old bridegroom-to-be was born Hampton Lansden Fancher III in Los Angeles. He made his motion picture debut with Warner Bros. in “Parrish” (1961) and later played in “Rome Adventure.” He has also appeared on television.


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