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Actress Louise Beavers Dead at 60

Oct. 26, 1962 - Louise Beavers (pictured left with Mary Pickford in 1929), who starred in the “Beulah” comedy series on television, died today at the age of 60. Miss Beavers, who suffered from diabetes, entered a Hollywood hospital last night. She had been in films, radio, television, and the theater for 30 years. Her first major movie role was in “Imitation of Life” (1934). In the “The Jackie Robinson Story” (1950), she played the mother of the baseball star, who played himself. Miss Beaver’s most recent roles were in 1960 in the film “All the Fine Young Cannibals” and in the “Swamp Fox” television series. She also made a hit as “Beulah,” playing the part of the maid in the family situation comedy on ABC-TV in 1952-3.


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