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Actress Dorothy Malone Files for Divorce

May 2, 1963 - Actress Dorothy Malone (right), 35, today filed for divorce against her husband of 4 years, French-born actor Jacques Bergerac (left), 35, on grounds of cruelty. The Academy Award-winning actress (“Written on the Wind”) also filed in Santa Monica Superior Court an action to have Bergerac move from their Beverly Hills home and to be restrained from bothering her or from disposing of community property. Miss Malone said Bergerac has struck her several times, forcing her to move from their home. Miss Malone asked for custody of their two children, Mimi (center), 2, and Diane, 1, plus alimony for herself and support for them. She and Bergerac were wed June 28, 1959, two years after he was divorced by his first wife, actress Ginger Rogers. It was Miss Malone’s first marriage.


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