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Actress Arlene Francis Recovering from Car Crash Injuries

June 3, 1963 - Covered with bruises and strapped up from her broken clavicle to her broken ribcage, actress Arlene Francis said today in her New York City hospital room she hoped to be sent home tomorrow. After that, she wants to visit the family of the woman who was killed in the collision that injured her — “if I can.” Miss Francis, in Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center since the accident May 26, said she has only a “hazy” recollection of the things that happened immediately after the crash on the Northern State Parkway. She suffered a concussion besides the fractures and bruises. “My husband [producer Martin Gabel] told me about the accident, but I can’t remember when,” she said. “This is the most tragic thing, and I am desperately concerned about it.” She was driving a white convertible which jumped a divider and crashed into a car driven by Brooklynite Joseph Arcos. His wife, Rose, was killed, and other family members were injured. “I’ve never had an accident before,” Miss Francis said today, “and I have been driving for 20 years.” She said her doctors told her she might be able to return to the T.V. show “What’s My Line?” Sunday, and she might start her radio show again on Monday, not from Sardi’s as usual but from her own home.


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