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Actress Arlene Francis Injured in Deadly Car Accident

May 26, 1963 - Actress Arlene Francis was injured today in a collision in which a woman was killed and four other persons were hurt on New York’s Northern State Parkway. Miss Francis, 55 years old, was taken to Meadowbrook Hospital and then to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan, where her condition was described as satisfactory. She suffered a broken collarbone, a scalp cut, a minor concussion, and many bruises. The dead woman was identified as Mrs. Rose Arcos, 34, of Brooklyn. Her husband, Joseph, also 34, was reported in critical condition with head injuries. The couple’s daughter, Celeste, 9, was in fair condition with face injuries. The Long Island state parkway police said the accident occurred about 2:15 p.m. Miss Francis, who was alone in her car driving westbound, apparently skidded on the wet road when she tried to stop her automobile because of a minor accident in front of her. Her automobile then jumped a foot-and-a-half-high concrete divider separating the lanes and collided with the Arcos vehicle. Miss Francis, who is a panelist on CBS’s “What’s My Line?”, starred on Broadway in “Tchin-Tchin,” which closed last week, and was scheduled to appear in the play at the Mineola Playhouse starting June 11. At Meadowbrook Hospital, Miss Francis told the police the last thing she remembered was changing lanes to avoid a car ahead of her.


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