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Actor Richard Boone Recovers from Car Crash

Sept. 23, 1963 - “I guess you might call me an early American version of Jimmy Durante,” TV actor Richard Boone quipped today as he was discharged from St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, Calif. Boone referred to his nose, swollen from injuries suffered when he smashed his Maserati into a parked car a block from his home Friday. “I’m lucky to be standing here,” admitted the actor. “I had been working on our new show and had only four hours sleep in the previous three days. I guess I dozed off just before reaching my driveway.” Boone, 46, best known as Paladin in the “Have Gun - Will Travel” series, said he’s changing his calling card to: “Have Gun - Will Travel - While Awake.” He said his doctor told him it would be two days before he will know when he can return to work on his new series, “The Richard Boone Show,” now in production.


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