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Actor Pedro Armendáriz Kills Himself

June 18, 1963 - Mexican actor Pedro Armendáriz (left with Sean Connery), star of such films as “The Fugitive” (1947) and “Three Godfathers” (1948), committed suicide today at the Medical Center of the University of California at Los Angeles. He shot himself in the chest with a .357 Colt Magnum from his personal gun collection, officers said. The armor-piercing bullet passed through his body and spent itself against a door. Mr. Armendáriz, 51, had been a patient at the Medical Center since Wednesday. The award-winning actor had recently returned from Europe, where he had been working on the movie “From Russia with Love.” He was suffering from cancer of the lymph gland and was informed he had “probably only about a year to live,” a Medical Center spokesman said. Born in Churubusco, a Mexico City suburb, he married Carmen Pardo of New York in 1939 and was the father of a son, Pedro, now 22. Mrs. Armendáriz said today her husband had an extensive collection of firearms.


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