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Actor Dick Powell Has Cancer

Dec. 9, 1962 - Actor Dick Powell (pictured with his wife June Allyson) has canceled his television appearances for the remainder of the 1962-63 season on his doctors’ orders. For several months, Mr. Powell has been undergoing cobalt treatment for cancer of the throat and lymph glands. A spokesman for Mr. Powell, who acts as host of Four-Star Productions’“Dick Powell Show” and sometimes takes the leading role in it, said today the actor’s physician had not ordered the 57-year-old Mr. Powell back into the hospital. Several top Hollywood performers, some rarely seen on television, have volunteered to substitute for Mr. Powell as star and host of the remaining shows. Among them are Milton Berle, Charles Boyer, Jackie Cooper, Glenn Ford, Rock Hudson, Jack Lemmon, Dean Martin, Steve McQueen, and John Wayne.


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