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Actor Charles Laughton Eulogized in Hollywood

Dec. 19, 1962 - Charles Laughton (pictured in 1939) was eulogized today for his contributions to the performing arts in the United States, his adopted country. Author Christopher Isherwood, a long-time friend of the acclaimed actor, gave the eulogy. He also read Prospero’s farewell speech from Shakespeare’s “The Tempest.” The speech, a Laughton favorite, was one he had recited many times on tours of this country. Mr. Laughton, who was born in Britain, died Saturday of cancer. Today’s service was held in the chapel at Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills Cemetery. The pallbearers were Raymond Massey, Jean Renoir, Lloyd Wright, Taft Schreiber, Bill Phitts, and Mr. Isherwood. Mr. Laughton’s widow, Elsa Lanchester, and his brother, Frank Laughton, occupied the family room in the chapel as scores of friends paid their respects.


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