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ABC-TV Weekday News Program Expands to One Hour in New York

Oct. 9, 1962 - Channel 7 in New York will televise an hour of news each weekday from 6 to 7 p.m. starting Oct. 22. The ABC station, in starting the Monday-through-Friday program under the title “The Big News,” plans to cover world, national, local, and more specialized news. David Shefrin, the station’s director of news, said the project was “the most ambitious news program” in the New York area. At 6 p.m. the station will wrap up all major news in a sort of table of contents for the day. The on-camera staff of the show will include Bill Beutel (pictured), Jim Burnes, Ron Cochran, Howard Cosell, and Rosemary Haley. Hour-long early-evening news is already in effect at ABC stations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington. It is also used by a CBS station in Washington.


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