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84-Year-Old Convict To Be Released After Spending 64 Years in Prison

Dec. 13, 1963 - An 84-year-old convict who has spent 64 years in prison for murdering a former schoolteacher smiled happily today when he learned he probably will be out of his cell and in a new home by Christmas. Richard Honeck got the news of his parole on Friday the 13th from Ross Randolph, warden of Menard State Penitentiary in Illinois, which has been the convict’s home since Nov. 18, 1899. Warden Randolph said everything possible would be done — even to the extent of relaxing some rules — to see that Honeck will not have to spend another Christmas behind bars. “I sure would like to spend a Christmas out of here,” Honeck remarked today. The Illinois Pardon and Parole Board granted Honeck’s parole last night. He will be released to a niece, Mrs. Clara Orth, 62, San Leandro, Cal. When the warden read Honeck the message, the convict smiled and said, “I’m ready to go now. I have a great feeling of joy.” Randolph said Honeck’s parole was contingent upon his acceptance by the state of California. Mrs. Orth appeared before the parole board and said she was “interested in providing a home” for her uncle. Earlier, she had spent two days near the prison. “She had two nice visits with Honeck and gave him a kiss on the cheek. It was his first kiss in 64 years,” Warden Randolph said.


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