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50 Deaths in Algerian Violence

Mar. 26, 1962 - At least 50 French civilians were killed and about 150 wounded in Algiers today as French Army forces clashed with European demonstrators. Doctors at the city’s principal hospital said about 40 of the wounded would probably die. They said the victims included many women and children. It was one of the bloodiest days Algiers has seen in seven years of war and seven days of cease-fire. The shootings started shortly after several thousand men and women had gathered in a large square in front of the central post office for a march ordered by the Secret Army Organization (OAS). The OAS is devoted to preventing by force the implementation of cease-fire agreements between the French Government and Algerian nationalist rebels. In a separate development, Edmond Jouhaud, second in command of the OAS, was captured in Oran, Algeria, today by French Government security forces.


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