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1960 Republican Delegates Prefer Goldwater for 1964

Oct. 27, 1961 - A preference for Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona for the Republican Presidential nomination in 1964 has been indicated in a poll of last year’s Republican convention delegates and alternates. The poll was conducted by Human Events, a conservative Washington newsletter. The findings of the poll showed Mr. Goldwater as the choice of 49.3 percent of those who replied to the questionnaire. Richard M. Nixon placed second, with 28.1 percent, and New York Governor Rockefeller was third, with 16.3 percent. In summarizing the results, the editors said: “Goldwater was heavily favored in the South and West, but he was also popular in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin. Nixon’s support was scattered, but heaviest in the West and Midwest. Rockefeller was weak in most areas except New York, New Jersey, and New England.”


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