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11-Year-Old "Bluebelle" Survivor Told that her Family is Dead

Nov. 23, 1961 - Terry Jo Duperrault found out for certain today that her family did not survive the mysterious sinking of the yacht Bluebelle. The 11-year-old child (pictured after her rescue) was told that her parents, brother, and sister died when the 60-foot vessel went down in the Bahamas Nov. 12. She must have feared as much. She told the Coast Guard after her rescue a week ago that she had seen her mother and brother lying in blood aboard the Bluebelle. She said she had awakened to screams and had seen the skipper, Julian A. Harvey, abandon her on the sinking vessel. She floated on a life raft for nearly four days before she was rescued. But until today she had not been told that the search for her family and for Harvey’s wife had been fruitless and was now called off. She “went to pieces,” the WGBS radio station in Miami reorted, when Dr. Franklyn E. Verdon gave her the information. An aunt and uncle hope to take the girl out of the hospital and return to Wisconsin next week.


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