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109 Reds Slain in South Vietnam

Nov. 25, 1962 - One hundred nine Communist guerrillas were slain today in an abortive attempt to seize to South Vietnamese Government outposts guarding a small valley 50 miles south of Danang. The dead included the chief of staff of the Communists’ 37th Battalion, a second battalion commander, and a company commander. Seven guerrillas were taken prisoner. The attack on the outposts of Phuoc Chia and Phuoc Lan began at 3 a.m. when the Viet Cong opened fire on the outposts with mortars and .57-mm. recoilless rifles. Reacting instantly because intelligence had warned them of plans for the attack, Government troops sent up flares that exposed the Viet Cong. Government forces then battered the attackers with howitzer fire. A one-hour battle followed, as Government patrols left their outposts to drive off the Viet Cong. Government regulars belonging to the Second Division picked up three recoilless rifles, one light machine gun, two automatic rifles, twenty-eight submachine guns, and other weapons. Military sources said the defeat was probably the heaviest ever suffered by the Communists in a guerrilla-initiated attack. Mountain tribesmen were said to have given the Government advance warning of the attack.

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